The Devastating Effect of Isolation

You might think that underlying health conditions you are familiar with like heart disease and diabetes are the only things making those in the elderly population more vulnerable to Covid-19.  However, the loneliness seniors may feel as a result of important social distancing can have devastating health effects. 

Articles are now being written about elderly population being isolated and what that devastating loneliness is by doing to worsen conditions they may already have due to the mental health issues caused by isolation.

Many residents of nursing homes of long-term care facilities would depend not only on the visits they may have had from their own family members but may also have relied on visits from those of their friend’s families.

Now, due to COVID-19 they have no one. The articles below touch on some aspect of the new disease plaguing our elderly, loneliness.

The Unspoken COVID-19 toll on the elderly: Loneliness

The Costs of Social Isolation: Loneliness and COVID-19

How to Help Older Adults Fight Loneliness During COVID-19

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