Why should I volunteer for Calls of Care?

Calls of Care gives you volunteer hours and leadership experience that look great on any resume! You may also be able to use your time towards required volunteer hours either in high school or college. Some colleges may grant internship credit for your work as an ambassador (Please inquire with your college registrar). 

The biggest benefit of working with us is the ability to make a large impact on your school’s outside community. 

Are residents guaranteed a phone call?

No, we can not guarantee a phone call, but we will try our best. 

What does a phone call look like?

Phone calls can be as short as 10 minutes to as long as you would like. Possible talking points include family, their day, career, favorite hobbies/movies/books, and childhood memories. We also provide a script that you can follow. 

Who can receive a phone call?

Calls of Care connects college and high school students to senior citizens in living in a senior living provider.

How many calls do I need to make?

There is no minimum number of phone calls required to each resident. However, if a volunteer is not able to fulfill their commitments, they must contact their ambassador immediately so that residents can be reassigned. 

How do I get involved?

Apply to be a campus ambassador or contact your campus ambassador to become a phone volunteer. 

Can I get paid?

No, these are volunteer positions but, Campus Ambassadors may be eligible for College Credit.

Apply to be an Ambassador Today

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