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As a Calls of Care Campus Ambassador you will not only gain valuable leadership and volunteer experience that would look great on any resume, you will also be making a large impact on your campus’ surrounding community. 


Reach out to senior living providers close to your school’s campus


Lead and recruit students from your campus to work as phone volunteers


Create change and make a long long-lasting impact on the seniors in your campus community

Become an Ambassador Today

Campus Ambassador Timeline

  • Apply to be a Campus Ambassador

  • Locate Senior Living Providers Close to Your Campus

    Send out our email template and interest form to the facility director or manager. We will provide you with all templates, forms and flyers needed to make it easy for you to succeed.

    We ask that you get the interest of at least 9 senior citizens in order to make a large impact on your community.

  • Recruit 1 student from your campus for every 3 residents interested.

    Send the contact information of the 3 residents and phone call script to the student volunteer so they can begin their calls.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page or email us at:

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